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Parasha Summary - Bo


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Paro is warned about the plague of locusts and agrees to release only the men; Moshe insists everyone must go. During the plague, Paro calls Moshe and Aharon to stop the locusts, admitting he has sinned. Hashem ends the plague but hardens Paro's heart; yet again
Paro fails to free the Jews.

Egypt is then engulfed in a palpable darkness. Paro tells Moshe to take all the Jews out of Egypt but to leave their animals behind. Moshe tells him that not only will they take their own flocks but Paro's, too. Moshe tells Paro that Hashem will bring 1 more plague, the death of the firstborn, and then the Jews will leave Egypt. Again G-d hardens Paro's heart.

The month of Nissan is designated the 1st month. Bnei Yisrael is commanded to take a sheep on the 10th of the month and guard it until the 14th when it will be slaughtered as a Pesach offering. Its blood is put on their door-posts and its meat eaten roasted. The blood is a sign that these homes will be passed over when Hashem strikes the firstborn of Egypt.

Hashem sends the final plague, killing all first-born, and Pharaoh finally sends the Jews out of Egypt.

Laws concerning the Pesach sacrifice, Chametz and Matza, Pidyon HaBen and Tefilin are then given.
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