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An Overview of the Torah Portion

Parasha Summary - Vayetze

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Yakov flees from Esav & leaves his parents home; he goes to Charan to his mother’s brother Lavan. On the way, he stops at Har Zion, the site of the future Bet HaMikdash, where he dreams of a ladder extending from Heaven to Earth, with angels going up & down. G-d tells Yakov his descendants will inherit this Land.

Yakov then meets Lavan’s daughter Rachel & falls in love with her. He agrees to work for Lavan for 7 years to marry Rachel, but at the wedding, Lavan switches Leah for Rachel. Yakov agrees to work another 7 years for Rachel &, after 1 week, marries her, as well.

Rachel remains barren while Leah gives birth to 6 sons & a daughter. Bilha & Zilpa, the maids of Rachel & Leah, each have 2 sons with Yakov. Finally, Rachel gives birth to a son, Yosef.

Yakov becomes wealthy during his 20-year tenure with Lavan, amassing huge flocks despite Lavan’s efforts to swindle him. Yakov &
his wives decide to flee Lavan, who pursues them in search of his stolen idols abruptly. Rachel hides the stolen idols from her father & ultimately dies in childbirth as a result. Yakov & Lavan argue, then sign a peace treaty & part ways.
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