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Parasha Summary - Chayey Sarah


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Sara, mother of the Jewish People, dies at age 127. Avraham seeks to bury her in the Cave of Machpela & pays its owner, Efron the Hittite, an exorbitant sum (as much as a million shekels!) to purchase it.

Avraham sends his faithful servant Eliezer to find a wife for Yitzchak from Avraham's family. Eliezer travels to Aram Naharaim. He prays for a sign & Rivka appears. Eliezer asks for water. Not only does she give him water (140 gallons!), she draws water for his 10 thirsty camels as well. This extreme kindness marks her as the right wife for Yitzchak.

Rivka leaves with Eliezer. Yitzchak brings Rivka into his mother Sara's tent, marries her & loves her. Avraham remarries Hagar (Ketura) & they have 6 children. After giving them gifts, Avraham sends them to the east. Avraham dies at age 175 & is buried next to Sara in Ma’arat HaMachpela.
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