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An Overview of the Torah Portion

Parasha Summary - Ki Tetze


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Our Sedra begins with the case of the Eshet Y'fat To'ar, the beautiful non-Jewish woman who is taken captive in war. The Torah outlines the procedure to be followed if a Jewish soldier wishes to marry her.

Among the many other topics in our Parsha there are the following: The rebellious son & how to deal with him; the command to shoo away the mother-bird before taking her young ("shiluach ha-ken"), the prohibition of mixing wool & linen ("sha’atnez"), adultery, divorce, kidnapping, & the need to pay workers in a timely fashion.

The Torah also warns us to show extra care for the widow & orphan, & to be honest in all our business dealings. We are bidden to recall daily the Exodus from Egypt, which we mention in our Tefilot & in Kiddush on Shabbat & Chag.

Our Parsha - which is so centered on Chesed - closes with the admonition to utterly wipe out Amalek & their progeny, until no memory remains of them or their hateful, barbaric behavior. This, too, is a Chesed!
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