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Beit Midrash Torah Portion and Tanach Ki Tetze

An Overview of the Torah Portion

Parasha Summary - Ki Tetze

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Our Sedra begins with the case of the Eshet Y'fat To'ar, the beautiful non-Jewish woman who is taken captive in war. The Torah outlines the procedure to be followed if a Jewish soldier wishes to marry her.

Among the many other topics in our Parsha there are the following: The rebellious son & how to deal with him; the command to shoo away the mother-bird before taking her young ("shiluach ha-ken"), the prohibition of mixing wool & linen ("sha’atnez"), adultery, divorce, kidnapping, & the need to pay workers in a timely fashion.

The Torah also warns us to show extra care for the widow & orphan, & to be honest in all our business dealings. We are bidden to recall daily the Exodus from Egypt, which we mention in our Tefilot & in Kiddush on Shabbat & Chag.

Our Parsha - which is so centered on Chesed - closes with the admonition to utterly wipe out Amalek & their progeny, until no memory remains of them or their hateful, barbaric behavior. This, too, is a Chesed!
Rabbi Stewart Weiss
Was ordained at the Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, Illinois, and led congregations in Chicago and Dallas prior to making Aliyah in 1992. He directs the Jewish Outreach Center in Ra'anana, helping to facilitate the spiritual absorption of new olim.
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