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Parshat Beshalach - Questions


Various Rabbis

1. Why didn't Yosef ask his brothers bury him in Israel as Ya'akov asked him?
2. "God will surely remember you; and ye shall carry up my bones away hence with you" what do we learn from the words "with you"?
3. Why did G-d have Bney Israel travel back towards Egypt?
4. "And it was told the king of Egypt that the people were fled" what was the news that reached Pharaoh?
5. What did Pharaoh promise his people in order to convince them to join him in pursuit of Bney Israel?
6. Why did G-d have the sea carry the dead Egyptians to where Bney Israel were standing?
7. In one place the Egyptians are said to be as led, in another as stone and in a third as straw why is this?
8. What was the Egyptians reward for saying G-d is righteous?
9. Why is Miriam referred to as "Miriam the Prophet, sister of Aharon"?
10. Why did Moshe have to force Bney Israel to leave the sea?
11. Which Mitzvoth were given in Mara?
12. What was the test G-d tested Bney Israel with the Man?
13. What do we learn from Moshes words that no one is to leave his place on the seventh day?
14. Why is the story of Masa Umeriva followed by the story of Amalek?


1. Yosef knew that he could bury his father in Israel with the consent of Pharaoh because he was the viceroy, his brothers, however, would not have been allowed to leave.
2. We learn that the bones of all of Yosef's brothers were also taken to Israel.
3. In order to make Pharaoh think they are lost in the desert.
4. Initially Pharaoh released Bney Israel to go worship G- d for three days, and he send messengers with them to make sure they returned. When It was obvious they were not returning these messengers carried the message back to Pharaoh.
5. He told them that unlike all kings he will lead the pursuit and share the spoils evenly with everyone.
6. So that they will not fear that in the same way they crossed the sea so did the Egyptians and they will be back to chase them.
7. The wicked ones were as straw rising and falling with the sea, the most righteous sank like led and the rest were as stone.
8. Thy got to be buried.
9. Because she received prophecy (about Moshe being born) when she was only Aharon's sister.
10. Because the Egyptian army was filled with gold and diamonds and the spoils of the sea were greater than the spoils of Egypt.
11. Shabbat, the Red Heifer and the civil laws of Torah.
12. G-d tested them to see whether they will keep all the laws attached to it such as not to leave for the next day and not to collect it on Shabbat.
13. We learn the Halacha of Tchumin.
14. After Bney Israel doubted G-d's presence among them G-d wanted to show them that he is constantly with them and they cannot survive one moment without him. Shabbat Shalom!
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