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Parashat Vayishlach - Q & A

Parsha and Rashi Q & A for the Shabbos Table.


Various Rabbis

1. Why was Ya'akov both afraid and distressed?
2. What were the three things Ya'akov prepared for?
3. Why did Ya'akov set gaps between the herds he sent to Eisav?
4. Dina falling in the hands of Shchem was punishment for which Ya'akov sin.
5. What does an angel's name mean?
6. When will Ya'akov go to Eisav as he promised?
7. Ya'akov tells his sons to rid themselves of the idols they carry. Why are they carrying idols?
8. Who are the kings that are destined to come from Y'a'akov by G-d's promise?
9. "And Jacob came in peace to the city of Shechem", what do we learn from this?
10. "Fear not; for this also is a son for thee" – what do we learn from the word 'also'?
11. In what aspect is Yosef considered to be like a Bechor, a firstborn?
12. It is mentioned, out of chronological order,that Yitzchak passed away. What is a more accurate date for his death?
13. What do we learn from the passage 'And Timna was a mistress'?
14. Who were the eight Israel kings that canceled out Edom's Eight kings?



1. He was afraid of being killed and distressed from the fact that he might kill.
2. Ya'kov prepared for gift, prayer & war.
3. Ya'akov set gaps between the herds so that the gift would seem greater.
4. It was punishment for Ya'akov denying Eisav Dina by hiding her in a box when they met. He was punished for this because she might have been a good influence on Eisav.
5. An angel's name changes according to his mission.
6. This will be in the days of the messiah as Ovadya says: And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD'S.
7. They retrieved them from the spoils of Shcem.
8. Shaul and Ish Boshet who were from Binyamin who had not been born yet.
9. He was healed from the injury caused by the angel, he did not suffer any loss from sending the gift to Eisav and he had not forgotten any of his Torah in all the years at Lavan's house .
10. All of Ya'akov's sons were born with a twin girl and Binyamin was born with an extra one.
11. Yosef is considered to be like a firstborn In that his tribe became two tribes.
12. Twelve years after the selling of Yosef.
13. We learn the greatness of Avraham that everyone wanted to be in some way connected to his offsprings. Timna was a daughter of important people, and that did not stop her becoming a mistress only to be close to Avraham's family.
14. Shaul, Ish Boshet, David, Shlomo, Rechavam, Avia, Asa & Yehoshafat.
Shabbat Shalom!
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