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(condensed from Ein Ayah, Berachot 8:2)

Blessing About the Past


Various Rabbis

All agree that "bara" refers to a creation in the past. Where they argue is referring to borei. Beit Shmmai understands that this refers to the future [and should not be used]; Beit Hillel reasons that it also relates to the past.

Ein Ayah: All agree that within the framework of berachot that refer to creation, they should be recited in the past tense. It is true that the world is being constantly recreated, so to speak, by its continued existence, as the pasuk says: "For He makes great luminous bodies, for His grace is eternal" (Tehillim 136:7). We also say in davening: "He renews in His goodness everyday, always, the products of genesis." However, the main obligation is to clarify that there is no change in His knowledge and His will. Therefore, regarding the same matters that we would talk about in relation to man in the future or present, we talk about in regard to Hashem in the past tense. Therefore, the language we use in our berachot is that which refers primarily to the past.
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