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The Torah study is dedicatedin the memory of

Chana bat Chaim

(based on Berachot 2: 54-55)

Dedication to Advance


Various Rabbis

Tishrei 5770
Make a firm decision with all of your heart and soul to know My ways and to remain diligently by My doorways on a daily basis.

Ein Ayah:
This comes to exclude the opinions of those who say that knowledge of the ways of Hashem comes specifically by analyzing that which exists without trying to purify their actions to go in the way of Hashem. That is why it says that to know Hashem, one should make a decision with all of his heart and soul toward that end. One will not succeed in knowing Hashem's way without making a clear decision in his heart to fulfill all of the matters of morals and ethics that emanate from one's philosophical inquiries.
Diligence (sh'kida) is a sign of consistency. The idea behind being constantly by Hashem's doorway is related to what the Rambam said (introduction to Moreh Nevuchim). Sometimes a person will have a brilliant intellectual insight that will light the way of one who seeks truth, while most of the time he walks in intellectual darkness. Therefore, it pays that he should always be by the doorway, for the door is that which closes off the otherwise exposed area. A person should try to understand even if there is a closed door in between him and understanding. If he does this every day, then he will merit that at certain times the door will open for a moment, and he will see precious light.

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