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"For Your Miracles"

Are miracles (like the pot of oil which lit eight days) deviations from nature or are they a part of nature which we don't see every day?


Rabbi Avraham Zuckermann zt"l

Our Sages of blessed memory said: "Ten things were created on the eve of Shabbat at twilight," and all of them depart from the laws of nature. This comes to teach us that even miracles, which are unnatural in our eyes, were also created along with the "natural" creation. The things we see every day are "natural" for us and we don't ask how and why they were created. But when something extraordinary happens, this is a "miracle" and we stand astonished at how it happened. Therefore our Sages came to teach us that "the miracle" is also a natural creation, and He who formed all of the "natural" creations in the Six Days of Creation, also "programmed" into their makeup the attribute that one day they will alter their nature. The earth will open its mouth (to swallow Korach and his company) and water will come out of the rock, etc.
In the war of the Hashmonaim (the Maccabees) we are impressed by defeat of the strong at the hands the weak, of the many at the hands of the few. But the big surprise was the pot of oil that was enough for one day and it lit eight days! This is out of the ordinary bounds of nature. In-depth reflection upon the G-dly reality from the vantage point of faith leads one to sense that in fact, all of life's processes are "Your miracles which everyday are with us" and therefore we must thank G-d and praise His great name.
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