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Beginning the Day With Prayer


Various Rabbis

29 IYAR 5769
Gemara :
That which it says, "Do not eat on the blood" (Vayikra 19:26), means that one should not eat before he has prayed for his blood.

Ein Ayah: The first emotions of the day impact a person to set the target of his behavior and his activities for the day. Therefore, one should try to have his first emotions lofty and spiritual for the purpose of true shleimut (completeness). This can be accomplished by prayer, which comes from the feelings of the spirit. The Torah says that the blood is the spirit. A person should not eat prior to prayer in order that he should not place animalistic feelings first. If those emotions precede the feelings of holiness, they will act upon the person to pull him, his personal content, and his behavior in the direction of the lower reaches of their potential value.
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