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Beit Midrash שבת ומועדים חמץ, מצה וכשרות לפסח
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The holiday of Pesach follows that of Purim. Therefore, it is appropriate to compare the two holidays. On Purim, all the miracles that took place were hidden miracles. As mentioned before in the Purim article the name of G-d is not even mentioned in the Megillah. Furthermore, Purim takes place in the winter where darkness prevails and the beauty of the world is hidden. However, Pesach takes place in the Spring (It is a commandment from the Torah that it be celebrated in spring). Spring, it is a time of growth. A time where the trees blossom and the birds sing it’s a time where things are revealed and similarly G-d is revealed. In sharp contrast to Purim where all the miracles are hidden, the miracles of Pesach are not only revealed but they are as extravagant as they can get. Hashem’s name is all over the Haggadah and his miracles are stated openly and clearly. Whereas in the Megillah the names of the characters fill the pages and the names of Hashem are not mentioned, in the Haggadah it is the opposite. The names of Hashem fill the pages and the names of the characters are barely seen. In fact Moshe’s name is not once mentioned in the Haggadah! In summary, Pesach reveals that which was hidden on Purim.
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