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Now data on updates is available through RSS.

What is RSS?
It stands for Really Simple Syndication, a simple way of presenting data so that one may access data from a website without entering the site. Instead of coming into the site and looking for changes, the program alerts you on every change and offers a link to the new content.
Each RSS channel is called a feed.

How do I use this?
First, look for a RSS program to install. Here is a link that offers a few of those programs.
After installing you just need to add whatever feed you want. You can use the image, where ever it appears on the site, or copy the URL from this page.

RSS on
We offer two RSS feeds:
The Beit Midrash, and Ask the Rabbi.
Every time one of those corners is updated the program will alert you and give you a link directly to the new content.
Here are the URLs for our RSS feeds:

Shiurim from the Beit Midrash
Questions from Ask the Rabbi

We hope you enjoy the service