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This service is not currently active.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Want to Daven Mincha but don't remember when Shkia is? Send: זמן זריחה שקיעה רחובות
  • Hurrying to Shacharit and not sure if you'll reach Kriyat Shma on time? Send: זמן קש בפתח תקוה
  • Want to Daven Vatikin but don't know when? Send: זמן ותיקין מחר
  • It's late at night and you forgot what the Daf Yomi is? Send: זמנים בבלי
  • Stuck for Shabbat and you're not sure when to light the candles? Send: זמני שבת ירושלים

What is the "Express Times" service?
The "Express Times" service, first of it's kind, gives you the quickest, most simple solution.
Send a hebrew SMS - זמן [desired time] [place] [date] to 1315 and receive the exact time right away.
* Service cost: only 1 NIS for each message.

Try Me
Click here to try out the system on the site.

The service supports all cities in Israel with the following times:
Alot Hashachar, sunrise & sunset, Times for Kriyat Shma and Davenning, midday/midnight (Chatzot), Plag Hamincha and Mincha times, Tzet Hakochavim, Knissat and Yetziat Shbbat and holidays, Daf Yomi - Bavli and Yerushalmi and daily Amud of Mishna Brura.
You can also send a Gregorian date and receive the hebrew date.

* Subscribing and unsubscribing cost is 1 NIS.
* Service cost: 1 NIS for each message.
* The payment is done directly through your monthly cell phone bill.
* The service is available for phones supporting hebrew SMSing only.
* The service is available in Israel only.
* Service is unavailable for clients of Orange BIG TALK.

We hope you enjoy the service