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Special services

Daily times subscription "Express times" by SMS Mobile surfing Ask the Rabbi on SMS search
What is the daily times service? crew enables you to receive the different Halachic daily times in two seperate programs, Email and SMS.
Of course, one may subscribe to both programs simultaneously.

What's included?
As a metter of fact, anyone can choose whatever they want to receive and on which day to receive it, from the following times:
Alot Hashachar, sunrise & sunset, Times for Kriyat Shma and Davenning, midday/midnight (Chatzot), Plag Hamincha and Mincha times, Tzet Hakochavim, Knissat and Yetziat Shbbat and holidays, Daf Yomi - Bavli and Yerushalmi and daily Amud of Mishna Brura.

Email program
On this program you will receive, according to your choice a Email with the daily times you request. Subscription is free!
Click for subscription form.

SMS program
This service is not currently active. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We hope you enjoy the service