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הגרלה נושאת פרסים - תקנון

בהגרלה שנערכה במשרד רו"ח דב קלמנוביץ נבחרו הזוכים במבצע ההתרמה לאתר ישיבה, המופעל על ידי קרית הישיבה בית אל.

להלן תוצאות ההגרלה:

1,2. בשובר בשווי 1,250 ₪ לרכישה בתפילין בית אל זכו צ. וש. כ. מכפר הרא"ה וי.ש מקריית חיים

3. בחופשה במלון לב ירושלים זכה מ.ג. מרעננה

4. בשובר בשווי 750 ₪ לרכישת מחשב נייד זכתה נ.ס. מירושלים

5. בחופשה משפחתית בפנינת השומרון זכה ח.ו. מקרית מלאכי

6. בסט פניני הלכה זכו ע. וח. ד. ממודיעין

7,8. באינטרנט רימון חינם לשנה זכו ד.ד מנריה ומ.א. מפדואל

9. במנוי לשנה למגזין אותיות וילדים זכתה נ.ס. מקריית אתא

10. במנוי לשנה למגזין פנימה זכתה ש.א. מפתח תקווה

11. בתפידנית מתנת תפילין בית אל זכו י.ו. מירושלים וי.פ מירושלים

12. סט ספרי "שמחת הבית וברכתו" זכתה י.ש. מירושלים

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By-laws of the Lottery

1. General

1.1 – The Bet-El Yeshiva Center (to be known as the Yeshiva) which operates the Internet site "Yeshiva" announces a Lottery with prizes (to be Site, (to be known as the "Site")
1.2 – The Lottery is open to all Friends of the Yeshiva, excluding employees of the Yeshiva, who contribute to the site (to be known as "Friends of the Yeshiva")
1.3 – This project will commence in the 15th of Sivan 5779 (18 of June 2019) at 00:00 and end on the 15th of Tamuz 5779 (18th of July 2019) at 23:59 (to be known as "the period of the project")
1.4 – the Yeshiva may stop append the Lottery without prior notice.
1.5 – The Participant accepts the conditions of the Lottery and the conditions of the Site (with necessary changes). In the event of contradictions or lack of coordination between this protocol and any other announcement of any kind (except the protocol of the Yeshiva Site) this protocol is the deciding one. All announcement and notices are for the benefit of the partisans alone.
1.6 – Participation in the Lottery is an agreement on the part of the Participant that he agrees to the Protocol of the Lottery and absolves the Yeshiva of any claims demands or allegations that are connected directly or indirectly to the Lottery without any exceptions.

2. Conditions of the Lottery

2.1 – All contributions of Friends of the Yeshiva, in a one time contribution to the amount of $108, during this period of the Lottery project earns one lottery ticket.
2.2 – Every contribution by standing bank order of $10 for the duration of at least twelve (12) months earns one lottery ticket.
2.3 – Any multiple of the above sums earn additional lottery tickets. For example, a contribution of $240 or $350 earns two lottery tickets.
2.4 – A Friends, who already has a standing bank order and wishes to receive in return a lottery ticket, may do so through the email of the Site during the time period allotted to the lottery.
2.5 - Cancelled
2.6 – Only a contribution which can be processed may participate in the lottery.
2.7 - A Friend who does not submit his details to receive the prize within 14 days of the closing of the lottery, will be considered as forfeiting his prize.
2.8 – In case of violation of the protocols of the lottery or of the Yeshiva Site, or any violation of law, or if personal information was incorrect, the Yeshiva can invalidate the surfer's rights and give the prize to someone else.
2.8 - In the event that one contributor contributes several times, each donation shall be considered as an additional right to participate in the Lottery. In this way he can improve his chances of winning. However, it does not entitle him to two prizes Refer to paragraph 3.3

3. Prizes

3.1 – The first prize winner will receive, as follows.
3.1.1 – First and Second prize winners win a voucher for 1250 NIS for Tefillin Bet El.
3.1.2 – Third prize winner receives a vacation for a couple in Lev Yerushalayim Hotel (Shabbat for 2 adults). Does not apply during Jewish holidays.
3.1.3 – Forth prize winner receives 750 NIS voucher redeemable for a laptop purchase at Lavi Computers.
3.1.4 – Fifth prize winner receives a summer vacation at The Pninat Hasomron guest house (2 nights, 2 adults + 3 children).
3.1.5 – Sixth prize winner receives a set of "Peninei Halacha", a unique set which encompasses the whole body of publishing.
3.1.6 – Seventh and Eighth prize winners receive free internet for a year, courtesy of Rimon Internet.
3.1.7 – Ninth prize winner receives an annual subscription to the magazine OTIOT AND YELADIM.
3.1.8 – Tenth prize winner receives an annual subscription to the magazine PNIMA.
3.1.9 – Eleventh and Twelfth prize winners receive The Original Tfidanit, Tefillin Bet El product.
3.1.10 – Thirteenth prize winner receives the book "Simhat Habait" .
3.2 - The prizes will be sent to the winners within 30 days of their winning.
3.3 - No one may win more than one prize in the Lottery. In case someone wins two prizes, the lesser one will be given to the next prize winner, in turn.
3.4 - Prizes given out through the Lottery are not ,matched individually. One prize may not be substituted for another, exchanged for money or for its value in money or for any other prize.
3.5 – The Yeshiva reserves the right to add or lessen, to change or exchange prizes according to its own considerations.
3.6 – The yeshiva isn't responsible for the quality of the prizes, and doesn't promise to exchange or substitute prizes.
3.7 – A lottery winner who cannot be contacted for 7 days, or waived, will lose the lottery, and any subsequent winnings will be rescheduled for the prize draw.

4. Exemption from Responsibility

4.1 – The participant declares that neither he nor anyone who speaks on his behalf will have any claims, demands, or complaints against the Yeshiva, its officers or staff or anyone on its behalf with connection to the Lottery. The participant declares that this commitment can't be cancelled or voided or changed.
4.2 – The Lottery is based on a computer program which isn't immune to mistakes or technical failures. The Yeshiva doesn 't obligate itself that the Lottery will work without ant technical problems mistakes or other hitches. The participant will have no claims connected to these issues.
4.3. – There may be a mistake in the Lottery, therefore, we declare that the Lottery is not a game (gamble) and no demands may be claimed forthwith to the Lottery its execution or its results
4.4 – The Yeshiva, its officers and staff and anyone representing it, are in no way responsible for any technical difficulties resulting from the execution of the Lottery or for events beyond their control, such as strikes, weather, holidays etc.

5. Additional Conditions

5.1.- The Yeshiva may stop the Lottery at any time and for any reason, according to their sole judgment. Should the conditions of the Lottery may be changed. A notice to this effect will be posted on the Site. This posting will suffice to avoid any claims due to the change in conditions.
5.2 – Participation in the Lottery is permission to enter the name of the participant in the Yeshiva pool of names. With the updating of his particulars, he gives his permission to use this information in future projects which will take place from time to time.
5.3 - The Yeshiva reserves the right to delay or cancel the giving of the prizes for any reason it deems necessary.
5.4 – The Yeshiva reserves the right to withhold any prize gotten through deceit fraud or unethical means, this being so even if the action was taken against another sector of the Yeshiva.
5.5 – I agree to the protocol of the Lottery and absolve the Yeshiva of all claims or demand, directly or indirectly in connection with the Lottery or the winning thereof. This without any exception.
5.6 – The Lottery will be supervised by Dov Kalminovitch, C.P.A., in Jerusalem

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