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Special page - all about Rosh Hashana

Torah Content on Rosh Hashana

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Times For Rosh Hashana

  • This year Rosh Hashna will be

  • on Monday, 1 Tishrei 5780 (30/9/2019)
    and on Tuesday, 2 Tishrei 5780 (1/10/2019)
    Start of Chag: 18:01
    Alot Hashachar 1 Tishrei: 05:20
    Talit time 1 Tishrei: 05:47
    Sunrise 1 Tishrei: 06:32
    End of Chag: 19:00

  • The fast of Gedalia will be
  • on Wednesday, 3 Tishrei 5780 (2/10/2019)

    Alot Hashachar: 05:03
    End of Fast: 18:45

    Shiurim for Rosh Hashana

    Questions for Rosh Hashana

    Books and Discs for Rosh Hashana