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Special page - all about Passover - Pesach

Torah Content on Passover - Pesach

Times For Passover - Pesach

Wednesday, 12 Nissan 5779(17/4/2019)
Bedikat Chametz in the evening

Thursday, 13 Nissan 5779
Latest time to eat Chametz:09:56
According to Rabbi Eliyahu:09:32
Latest time to get rid of Chametz:11:17
According to Rabbi Eliyahu:10:47

First day of Pesach
Chag starts:18:44

Friday, 14 Nissan 5779 Last day of Pesach
Shabbat starts:18:40

Thursday, 20 Nissan 5779 Seventh day of Pesach
Chag starts:18:45

Saturday , 22 Nissan 5779 Second Day Of Yom Tov Seventh Day of Pesach
End of Shabbat & Chag:19:55

Shiurim for Passover - Pesach

Questions for Passover - Pesach

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