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 How to Praise

How to Praise

The Sages were eloquent on the subject of lashon hara, the sin they took to be the cause of tsara’at. But there is a meta-halachic principle: “From the negative you can infer the positive”.Therefore there must in principle be a concept of lashon hatov, good speech.

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Daily Times in Jerusalem

11 Nissan 5784 | 19/4/2024

Daily Times | more times
  • 6:06 Sunrise
  • 8:45 Kriyat Shma MGA

Shabbat Metzora Hagadol

12 Nissan 5784

Shabbat Times | Parashat Hashavua
  • 18:35 Candle lighting
  • 19:50 End of Shabbat
  • 20:29 Rabeinu Tam
  • 15:54 Tenth hour


Monday, 14 Nissan 5784

  • 9:53 Last time to eat Chametz
  • 9:29 According to Rav Eliahu tz"l
  • 11:15 Last time to burn Chametz
  • 10:45 According to Rav Eliahu tz"l"
  • 18:38 Chag begins
  • 19:52 Chag ends
  • 20:31 Rabenu Tam

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Can Ashkenazim eat kitniyot (legumes) on erev Pesach?


Until when can Ashkenazim eat kitniyot (legumes) on erev Pesach?


The Rishonim (Orchot Chaim) allow kitniyot until Pesach night itself and so writes the Pri Megadim, but many have the custom not to eat after the time of Chametz prohibition (about 10:10, which is also the custom in Jerusalem). This year there is additional reason to be lenient, for we must have pleasure on Shabbat, but because we can't eat matzah on erev Pesach, there's "not that much to eat". Apparently you personally don't know your family's custom so accordingly, surely you can be lenient this year and eat kitniyot on Shabbat until candle lighting.

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Parashat Hashavua

The Plague of Evil Speech

The Plague of Evil Speech

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