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Seder Night

Seder Night

The story of the Exodus must be told in a spontaneous manner, bursting out of the depths of the heart. One should attain a renewed sense of that feeling experienced by the Children of Israel, as if it were happening here and now.

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Daily Times in Jerusalem

15 Nissan 5784 | 23/4/2024

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Shabbat Chol Hamoed Pesach

19 Nissan 5784

Shabbat Times | Parashat Hashavua
  • 18:40 Candle lighting
  • 19:56 End of Shabbat
  • 20:34 Rabeinu Tam

Seventh Day of Pesach

Sunday, 20 Nissan 5784

Seventh Day of Pesach
  • 18:42 Chag begins
  • 19:57 Chag ends
  • 20:35 Rabenu Tam

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what should someone use for the zeroah if they are stuck in a country that he cant find any boned chicken or meat?


Answer: The reason that we put the zeroah and the egg on the seder plate is because they are a zecher (reminder) of the korban pesach and the korban chagigah that we used to eat on the night of the seder in the times of the Beit Hamikdash. However, one doesn't have to use boned chicken or meat. Any type of meat or chicken is good (see Shulchan aruch 463:4). More so, one doesn't even have to use meat. Any cooked food is satisfactory for the zeroah. It is mentioned In the Gemara that one can use even rice and cooked beets. (however, according to the Rambam, one must use only two types of meat but we don't hold like the Rambam and we use an egg for one of the cooked foods). For the best possible way, we use a zeroah because the zeroah reminds us that Hashem took us out of Egypt with a 'zeroah netuyah' meaning with Hashem's strong outstretched hand. Chag Sameach!

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