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Av 10, 5777

Tallit/Talis for Gentile

Rabbi Ari Shvat

Can I wear a Tallit while praying if Im not a Jew? Also off that subject, what would be my best avenue to learn the Hebrew language? Thanks

The best way to speak to God is straight from your heart in your mother tongue. You need not pray in Hebrew, nor with a Talit, just as you dont have to say the prayers in the Jewish prayer-book, but simply speak to your Father in Heaven with the proper respect you would also give a King. If you want, you can utilize a Jewish prayer-book to give you ideas and help educate yourself how to praise/ask/thank God, and in general, to what we should want out of life. Some authorities like Maimonides/Rambam and the Meiri, say that gentiles can perform most mitzvot, while others disagree, so if you wish, you can adorn a Tallit, as well, and rely on those who allow it.
All the best!

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