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21 Iyyar 5763

Angel message

Rabbi Jonathan Blass


There is a lady who claims that an angel woke her in the middle of the night in 1966.

He (Michael or King David) showed her his elbows.
He stretched out both arms to her right (his left) with fingers spaced apart, palms forward. Five on one hand, five on the other. Then He moved the fingers close together (thumb close to fingers pulled back as much as possible) palms forward in a seven shape -- four fingers horizontal, four fingers vertical.

He showed her other things -- without ever vocally saying a word, she claims.

Can this be true? If so, what does it mean?

People have dreams usually because of events or thoughts that occupied them during the day (indigestion or other body stimuli can effect dreams as well). Most dreams mean nothing in any but the psychological level (King David is not an angel).

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