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Iyyar 4, 5774

Music at Yom HaZikaron Ceremony

Various Rabbis

I was requested to prepare the Yom HaZikaron ceremony at our school, and of course, now are the days of Sfirat HaOmer when listening to music is prohibited.
The headmistress insists that the ceremony be accompanied by appropriate songs and is opposed to the idea of songs without musical accompaniment.
1. Can I pass the job on to a different teacher?
2. Is it ok to put on the sad music quietly and have the students sing loudly?
3. Would it have been better off had I avoided this assignment to begin with, and have a different teacher who is less makpid arrange the ceremony with music?

There is no prohibition to hear soft music, and especially sad music, during the Omer, even if it is accompanied by musical instruments.

Rabbi Yaakov Ariel

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