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Iyyar 22, 5774

Koshering Ultra strong Fine China set

Rabbi Moshe Leib Halberstadt

Hello, we keep a kosher home since we first married but Ive just started lighting the fire a few months ago.I realized that all my ustensils are not kosher because my housekeeper has been lighting the fire all this time.. I have sets ( Shabbats, milk and meat of fine China really expensive that I received as gift for my wedding.
I read that it cannot be koshered...but they are not common fine china , they are the "ultra strong" type, that goes from" freezer to oven chip resistant". Is there any possibility of koshering them by doing hagalah ? Please help! Thank you,

The question was asked following the question "Fine China dishes"

In your case, where the utensils are forbidden due to "Bishulei Goyim" (Non-Jewish cooking), the utensils can be koshered through Hagalah (Immersion in boiling water). Your ultra strong fine china set can also be koshered by doing Hagalah three times (Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 113, 16. Sefer Hakashrut 19, 37).

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