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Sivan 27, 5773

Bracha on gluten-free cornbread

Rabbi David Sperling

Shalom Rabbi Sperling!
I have a question today about gluten-free cornbread. My recipe calls for 1 cup ground corn meal and 3/4 cup rice flour, among other ingredients. Does the presence of the rice flour make the cornbread mezonot, or is it considered a binder and it remain shehakol? Thank you!

I hope your cooking goes well!
Even though you are correct in thinking that rice is mezonot, it is a very "weak" mezonot. We see this from the fact that it's after bracha is the shorter "boria nefashot". So even though if a good size of wheat flour was used it would have an effect on the bracha, in your case the rice flour is considered secondary to the other ingredients and does not change the blessing.

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