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9 Nisan 5763

Please, help! Conversion problem

Rabbi Jonathan Blass

I recently converted in Israel. It was othodox conversion with orthodox Beit Din.

I just found out, that by new Law of Return converts in Israel are not allowed to make aliya any more. There is a wait for 4 and a half years. I could only get some work permit. Ive read some explanation, why is it so. But as totally righteous convert, my goal is only to live in my country, my holy land, Israel. I could though live in Israel, but with no really rights, no help as it is for new immigrants.

If I would have Beit Din outside of Isreal, I would be allowed to make aliya. Im totally frustrated. Convert are just as jews are born one. Or not? What could I do? Can I ask any orthodox Beit Din in Europe (where Im coming from) if they would convert me once more, and than with new papers I could make aliya? Please help, my tears just cant stop falling.

It is terrible when bureaucrats in government ministries substitute their "judgment" for that of a legitimate Beit Din of the State of Israel. Who is Jewish should be decided not by bureaucrats but by Orthodox Batei Din recognized by the Chief Rabbinate. Leaving Israel at this time could be a mistake since the same bureaucrats could have left a mark in your file that would make your return nearly impossible. The Council of Young Israel Rabbis, in Jerusalem, is dealing with cases that seem parallel to yours. Why not contact them at 02-6254983? B'Hatzlacha!

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