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Nisan 12, 5772


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Hello there,

Were growing some cilantro/coriander in our garden in the Shomron, and want to harvest some of the leaves. Do we need to take Truma/Maaser? And how??



In Eretz Yisrael, due to its holiness, Trumot and Maasrot must be taken from all edible agricultural produce.

1. Terumah (for the Kohen.) Any amount and may not be eaten and in our times it is to be discarded.
2. Maaser (for the Levi). A tenth but may be eaten by non-Levi'im.
3. Terumat Maaser (which the Levi must give to the Kohen. 1/10 of the above tenth. It may not be eaten and it is to be discarded.
4. Maaser Sheini ( which must be redeemed on a coin during the 1,2,4,5 years of the
shemittah cycle). We are currently ("=5772) in the fourth year of the cycle. Once redeemed it may be eaten.
5. Maaser Ani (which is given to the poor during years 3 and 6 of the
shemittah cycle).

In practice, after removing it from the ground, you take a piece of more than one hundredth of the cilantro etc. and set it aside from the rest (for teruma and terumat ma'aser).
You then have to redeem the "ma'aser Sheni", (since we do not bring it in our times to Jerusalem,) on a coin which should be kept in a special place and not be used for other purposes.
Being absolutely sure that your produce hasn't had Terumot and Ma'asrot taken and that your produce requires redemptiom of Ma'aser Sheni , you recite the bracha for Teruma which can be found in the Siddur and then recite the text which details the taking the Terumot and Ma'asrot. You then say the Bracha for redeeming Ma'aser Sheni. If you are not sure, you can perform the Mitzvah without the Bracha.
The Teruma and Termat ma'aser which may not be eaten should be wrapped in something and then discarded.

You may want to ask your local Rabbi or friend or neighbor how to do things the first time to make sure that you are doing it right.

I should note that these leafy vegetables normally have many small insects on them and must be thoroughly soaked and cleaned before eating.
Enjoy and success in your gardening.

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