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Tishrei 29, 5779

Rosh Chodesh

Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Dear Rabbi,

I ask a Shaila if the Mitzvah of the Festive meal and increasing in foods on Rosh Chodesh can be fulfilled at a kosher restaurant? I want to be stringent and honor Rosh Chodesh properly with love for Hashem always. Thank you, Rabbi, for your help and kindness
Kol Tov



The Shulchan Aruch designated a chapter (419) especially to emphasize the importance of eating something extra on Rosh Chodesh. The Mishna Brura adds that although there is no requirement to have a meal with bread, nonetheless having a special meal on Rosh Chodesh is certainly praiseworthy. There is no reason why one wouldn't be able to do so at a restaurant.

Chodesh Tov and have pleasant and healthy winter

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