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12 Sivan 5766

Driving on second day of Chag

Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

We made Aliya a few years ago and love it here! We will be leaving Israel for the first time this coming Sukkot. My question is although I understand I dont have to keep a second day, is there any way I can drive (obviously public)
on the second day of Yom Tov (Simchat Torah) as we are travelling to see relatives, it will make a very big difference to us having that extra day so we wont be so rushed. I dont know if it makes a difference but I can wear lets say a baseball cap so people would not think I am Jewish and driving on Chag, also within a short time we will be out of the area with Jews. I would appreciate the Ravs response.

The Shulchan Aruch (OC 496) and Mishnah Brurah (ibid 9) clearly state that a Jew from Eretz Yisrael cant not keep second day Yom-Tov in public, or even in private, doing a Melachah.
This is even if you wear a hat and not seen as a Jew.

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