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21 Cheshvan 5765

Old China from Milk to Meat

Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

My wife and I bought a set of Noritake china, and used the set of china for dairy meals.

We havent used the china for almost 2 Years, and we were wondering if there is any way to use the china now for meat meals, based on the opinion from Rav Moshe Feinstein that in the case of financial loss, china can be used after not using it for a year.

If my understanding of Rav Moshes Tshuva is correct, are we able to use the china for meat meals now? Would we have to perform Tevila on the dishes before using them? I also heard something about performing Libun Kal three times before using them?

China and earthenware can be koshered or changed permanently from milk to meat only by placing them back in a kiln.
There is a leniency that Rav Moshe brings in his books (look Igrot Moshe YD 3; 26) that in an extreme case of need, one can rely on a year of no use. As I said it is a leniency one should not use unless in great need.
For Toveling there are different opinions in Halacha and the best will be to Tovel without a Bracha.

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