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10 Elul 5764

Adopted Daughter

Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

I know that my daughter cannot marry a Cohen(she is adopted at the age of
sixteen months) she is now 5, should I be discussing her status at age
twelve, or should I wait till later. After all, the probability of her
being attracted to a cohen when she is of marriagable age is remote. She
now goes to an orthodox day school. Should I be consulting my rav, when she
is close to twelve years old as to how to go about this?

It's a difficult question to answer without knowing you and your daughter, she should definitely be told she can't marry a Cohen and the sooner the better, but it should be done with great sensitivity and wisdom not to ruin her self confidence or anything like that, if she is capable to handle the fact maturely bat mitzvah age sounds right but you must consult a rabbi that knows you both.

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