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13 Tammuz 5764

Davening for someone who is sick

Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

The mother of a friend of mine is very sick. I want to be able to daven for her, but when I asked my friend for her motherís motherís name she didnít tell me, saying that she didnít know what it is. I donít want to press her because she has not discussed her motherís illness with me beyond telling me that she her mother has pancreatic cancer. I donít want to bring up a subject that she is obviously reluctant to talk about. Also, she is not very frum and doesnít see a value in davening (I donít know if that should make a difference, but I think it does). So I guess my question is - how do I daven for someone without using her motherís name? Thus far, I have been using íbat Sarah Imoteinuí as a replacement, but I donít know if that is correct.
Thanks so much for your help.

I first want to wish your friends' mother a Refuah Shleima.
Yes Ė you got it right Ė Bat Sarah Imeinu is the correct form
You can also try finding out her name from the shule they go to Ė if they do
Kol Tuv

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