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9 Tammuz 5764

Blessings for Refuah Shlema

Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

The Tzaddik said that my mothers disease will disappear, that she will be healthy.
She is worse.
What happened?

First I want to wish your Mother a Refuah Shleima - may Hashem bless her with good health.
I dont know the Tzaddik you went to see and you should really ask him for a better answer.
The way I understand it is that the Tzaddik prays for your mother's health but no one can guaranty us health. Not even a great Tzaddik.
We can ask and beg Hashem, we can do good deeds and give Tzedakah, we can repent and say Tehilim all that is good and helpful, but Hashem is to do what is good, though sometimes we can not see that good, we believe and know Tov Hashem Lakol Hashem is good.
Kol tuv

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