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9 Cheshvan 5764

Eating in a Non Kosher Place

Various Rabbis

My question is can I eat salad or fruit and the house of my friend (she is not Jewish) or at the salad bar in a restaurant that is not Kosher ?

You may eat in a friend's house, if there are no problems of bishul (non jewish cooking). Fruit & vegetables - if cut must be cut with a kosher knife; and must be checked if there is no problem of trumos & ma'asros (if they are from The Land of Israel), if there is a problem don't eat them all, leave a bit on the plate.
It is inappropriate to enter a non kosher restaurant at all, for 2 reasons:
1. You never know what they put in their food.
2. Other people seeing you might be led to believe the place is actually kosher.

Rabbi Ro'i Margalit

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