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Entering the Temple Mount


Various Rabbis

11 Elul 5763
For centuries since the Destruction of the Temple, the rabbis forbade Jews from entering the Temple Mount for fear on accidentally treading on the Holy of Holies. Are the present Jewish visitors to the Mount (if they’re allowed) violating that rabbinic ruling?
All Rabbis agree that there are places that one is allowed to enter on the Temple Mt. The reason the Rabbis forbid the entering of the Mt is to refrain people from entering forbidden areas. Another reason given for not allowing the entrance nowadays is because our spiritual level is not fit for so great a Kedusha. As things are there are many Machlokot on the subject, therefore each person will do as his Rabbi says as all Rabbis have a basis to their Psak. Entering the Mount in any case should be with seriousness and purity. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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