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Shemona Esrai


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

1 Elul 5763
What is the difference between the beracot of: 1. Go’el Yisrael 2. Bonai Yerushalayim 3. Matzmiach Keren Yeshua They all seem to relate to the geula which I understand to mean moshiach, bet hamikdash. And shouldn’t Matzmiach Keren Yeshua come before?
The Bracha of "Goel Yisrael" refers, according to Rashi (Megilla 17b)- not to the redemption from the Galut- but to redemption from the troubles that continue to plague the Jews in the Galut. The Berachot of "mekabetz nidchei amo yisrael" together with the other two brachot mentioned in your question- are stages in the return to Israel and the rebuilding of full Jewish national and religious life in Israel. When the Jews are returned to their land, the judges of Israel return to their rightful place, the wicked are punished, the righteous are elevated, where?- in Jerusalem. And when Jerusalem is built, the scion of David comes (Megilla 17b).
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