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Rabbi Jonathan Blass

24 Av 5763
If most American Jews support my country (Israel), then why do most (52%) intermarry with goyem. Are they not treacherous hypocrites. How can they say they support israel, when they live in a country that did nothing to stop the holocaust and also helped perpetrate it (st. louis)?
The Jewish People has suffered a painful exile of two thousand years. During that time millions of Jews were assaulted physically- murdered, raped and maimed. But their beliefs were assaulted as well and many Jews survived wounded and limping in spirit. For this reason I feel your justifiable anger is misdirected; the target of your anger should not be the Jewish survivors of the exile but rather their physical and spiritual oppressors. How many of the Jews that you write about- even those who were raised in Orthodox homes- received a really good Jewish education that convinced them why it is important not to intermarry? What is amazing is that after such a long exile there remain Jews who are still committed to their People and others who- even when they are so weak that they don't resist the assimilationist pressures of the West- still identify with their Jewish heritage. It is terrible that, short of a miracle, many of the children of these Jews will be non-Jewish and lost to the Jewish People. The long-term solution is , of course, putting an end to the exile by making Aliyah.
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