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Minyan of woman


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

21 Cheshvan 5763
A debate has been sparked in my shul whether or not woman may carry a Sefer Torah and whether or not women can have there own prayer meetings where they read from the torah and recite kaddish. My rebutall was that one can only say kaddish and read from the torah when there is Minyan (10 MEN). I assumed that somewhere in Gemorah it says this. When asked to back it up I was stumped. Could you please tell me where in Gemorah does it say that in order to recite kaddish and read from the torah a minyan of 10 is needed. Also where in the Gemmorah does it Mention yeshka. (someone wanted to know this too)
The talmudic source necessitating a minyan of men for kedusha, kaddish, and a public reading of the sefer Torah is the mishna and gemara, Megilla 23b. The halacha based on the talmudic source is Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayim 55,1. The other reference you are looking for is in the uncensored version of Sanhedrin 67 that is the source of the uncensored Rambam Hilchot M’lachim 11,4.
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