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Trying to identify a prayer

Rabbi Ari ShvatAv 13, 5778
Shalom... I’m trying to identify a prayer that I remember from my Shabbos observances on Saturday -- this was many, many years ago. I recall the tune but not the words; I can tell you it ends with Yerushalym (Jerusalem) and contains the words "Keir Nitzeyot" or something similar. If I recall correctly - and I may be mistaken - it appeared in the service after the Torah passage and before the Reader’s Kaddish or very close thereto. I’ve searched the websites I can find but have had no success. Can you help or point me to a resource? Thank you!
My educated guess is that you are referring to the line we say when we first take out the Torah from the Ark: “Ki mitzion tetzeh Torah, u’dvar Adonay m’Y’rushalayim” (quoting Isaiah 2, 3). Regarding the tune, I suggest you revisit your local shul (synagogue) because most congregations sing that same classic melody which you’d like to hear again. All the best!
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