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קטגוריה משנית
I understand that there has been an issue regarding the blue dye needed to perform the מִצְוָה of ציצית. However, I have been enlightened and have understanding of where, what, why, when and what is needed to complete this mitzvah. I am writing to 1) share my knowledge as it was given to me and how it was revealed 2) supposing the orthodox community accepts it and honors it, I will disclose it to you regardless of whether or not you give me recognition in the future, as long as the news of the blue dye is spread and the mitvah is performed, my heart will be satisfied. The reason I will not disclose it to the community if it is rejected on the principal that I am a woman and two that my mother is not of the Jewish faith, Is so as to not bring the community to do a חֵטְא so I’m not sure how to go about revealing this information. So I’m asking you, Rabbi, to please consider my position and help the community of orthodox Jews to understand it isn’t as they think it is all the time.
Shalom, Thank you for your correspondence. According to Jewish tradition there is a clear distinction between the areas of Prophesy and those of law. We believe that in areas of Jewish law (such as the question of the Techelet in the tzitzit stings) the ruling is decided by clear proofs and reasoning. It does not concern us who is bringing the proofs – as the great Rabbis have said, “accept the truth from anyone who says it”. That being so, I would be very interested to hear any proofs you have about the blue thread, and you have nothing to fear that (if the proofs are true) people will reject them based on your personal status. If however you believe that this knowledge was relieved to you through Divine sources, and not intellectual proofs, then even a Prophet in the Biblical era would not be listened to to change Jewish law. I would be more than happy to continue to answer any questions you have on this question. Blessings.
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