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throw out roommate's statues or missionary material


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Sivan 25, 5778
So as I continue to grow and learn about Judaism and clean out my home, I realized how much idol worship I have in my home, I just found a statue of idol worship of some human and I threw it away, but it makes me so sad that we have all this stuff in our home. No wonder I feel so cloudy and bogged down, it causes so much suffering. I’m aware of one more item in my brother’s room a book, a form of idol worship. can I throw it away without telling him? it’s just I feel so much emotional pain and suffering and I know having statues or books or any form of idol worship is very dangerous to have in the home. When I threw away the statue I said to Hashem may it be as a Zechut for our home to receive endless amounts of blessings and goodness.
If it's real idol worship or Christian missionary propaganda, than you can and should throw it away without telling him, but I can't believe that he really worships idols, for very few intelligent people really believe in them these days. If it's just an artistic statue or a book about them, even a human statue, it's not idolatry, and throwing it away without his permission would actually be like stealing, and prohibited! Although it's not the best thing to have human statues, one can be lenient (especially if it belongs to somebody else!), for it's never really a complete human figure with all of the exact details, so like when children have dolls, it's allowed.
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