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Significance of moving American Embassy to Jerusalem?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Sivan 11, 5778
I hope all is well. I am a fan of your Torah and teachings on Eretz Yisrael, and I wanted to reach out and ask you a question I have been wondering about for a little while. Do you know of any sources or materials, or anyone really, that would say that what happened with the American Embassy move was significant in that sort of halachic sense" perhaps in terms of making it a more complete kibbush (liberating)? I always assume that we don’t care from a halachic perspective about whether or not other countries recognize our sovereignty, it matters if we have control of the city, but is there anyone who says no, the full kibush is not in some sense until the gentiles recognize it as well ? Or is there any other reason why something might really have changed in terms of bringing us closer to the geulah in terms of some fulfillment of the gentiles recognizing our sovereignty? I have seen some kabbalistic thoughts about eisav and teshuva but nothing halachic. Any thoughts appreciated if you have time, Thanks a lot,
The moving of the American Embassy to Jerusalem is definitely of religious and historical (which are synonymous for us, who believe that God runs history!) significance. Today Jerusalem, home of the Knesset, Prime Minister, and already center of the Torah world, is not just the Jewish national and religious capitol, but it’s also now (with the world’s super-power’s recognition) becoming the universal capitol, as in the time of King David and Solomon 3,000 years ago, and as described it will be in the messianic era. The prophets tell us in several places that in the messianic era, the gentile nations will agree, that Jerusalem, “the Mountain of God will be established above the other mountains, and she will be exalted above the high peaks, and all of the nations will stream to her” (Yishaya 2, 2); “and I will bring them to My Holy Mountain, and will make them happy in My House of Prayer… for My Temple will be called a House of Prayer for all the nations” (ibid, 56, 7). Just as Josephus and the Talmud testify that ancient kings used to send sacrifices to the Temple of Israel in Jerusalem, so too once again, the enlightened western leaders are mature enough to rise above the primitive anti-Semitic propaganda, and rejuvenate the Bible, seeing that it’s not just a book of the past. That the God of Israel is alive and well and living in modern Israel, with Hebrew as the national language and Jerusalem, our vibrant capitol. This is clearly a Kiddush Hashem (sanctifying God's Name) towards all those who degraded the "Wandering Jew", and asked "did God abandon the Jewish People in the Holocaust?", and "are we still the Chosen People who were promised the Promised Land?". Similarly, the aggadic oath that some anti-Zionists thought to “wave”, claiming that Israel should not “go up as a/to the wall” [Vilna Gaon: to Jerusalem] without the permission of the nations (Ktuvot 111a), clearly no longer applies. Rav Kook blessed the British after the Balfour Declaration for the gentile nations should also participate and be partners in the redemption process, and not leave this honor for the Jews to do alone (see Radak Tehillim 146, 3). Regardless of other shortcomings they (as all people) may have, President Trump and all the supporters of this strengthening of Jerusalem, undoubtedly deserve our blessings, and they will surely receive eternal credit from the Chosen People and the God of Israel, properly deserving to be written in the newest and final chapter to be inserted into the eternal Bible forever and ever! In comparison with other recent cynical, and sometimes even anti-Semitic, western leaders, this vision and “guts” cannot be underrated! Just like Cyrus and Balfour, President Trump has chosen and been chosen to serve as God’s messenger to return Jerusalem to her proper universal place. Even if there are few halachic ramifications (for already 50 years ago in the Six Day War, the Arabs clearly recognized our liberation), aside from blessing the “Hatov v’hameitiv” on this happy news, religious and historical significance seen and felt through the fulfillment of the Tanach prophecies are not a small matter! Rabbi Ari Shvat
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