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The Lord is a Man of War


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Iyyar 3, 5778
Hello Shalom, I have a question I have read Exodus 15:3 where it says "The Lord is a Man of War" as well as Jacob wrestled with a Man and his name was changed because he fought with GOD? I also get confused about the angel of the Lord and his role as GOD? I also have read that the messiah’s name shall be called "The Lord is Our Righteousness" or "The Lord Our Righteousness." Does this mean Ha Mashiach will be the Lord in the flesh? in other words, will GOD come back in Human form and then reveal himself as Ha Mashiach? Or Ha Mashiach "King Messiah" or King of Israel? Also Which chapter of the Tanach are we in? Will the Messiah split the mount of olives or will Hashem split the mount of olives? And Thank You for your Time, Shalom!
My friend, I’m sorry to say that you are asking about the wrong religion! If you want to be Christian that’s your prerogative, but if you are interested in what Judaism says, we are totally against attributing any kind of physicality to the perfect and unlimited monotheistic God. The Mashiach is simply a political and military leader, not even necessarily a spiritual leader, and it’s heretical to think the God will ever be physical. 1. The term “Man of war” is poetic, as is very common for the Bible to speak figuratively (especially that entire chapter in Exodus which also talks about His Arm and His wind!). 2. Jacob wrestled with a messenger (!) of God, and the name El could mean something Godly, but could also mean a strong power (how could anyone “wrestle with God”, and why would anyone want to?!). 3. Among the nicknames of the Mashiach will have God’s name just as Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Eliezer, Yonatan, Yeshayahu etc. all have God’s name in their name. 4. The portion of the week is Leviticus 12-15. 5. Every action, whether miraculous or not is the work of God, working together with man’s free-will and nature. All the Best!
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