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Purchasing on C Moed

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanNisan 25, 5778
Im purchasing a custom t shirt as a present for someone and it takes a few weeks to make. Can I buy it now so it comes close to the birthday [as opposed to waiting and itll come after the birthday by a week or more] there no diff in price, just time. I am able to spend money after chag to rush the purchase but obviously would rather not.
ב"ה Shalom First of all, I'm sorry, but your question first reached my desk today after Pessach, so this is no longer practical for this Pessach. Nonetheless, since the purchase is not for Chol Hamoed, and the reason for doing it on Chol Hamoed is only a consideration if the gift may arrive before a birthday or after , it doesn’t seem to justify ordering on Chol hamoed (See Shmirat Shabbat chilchata vol. II, chap. 67 for many details) All the Best
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