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17 Tammuz 5763
Recently, I have heard that there is a problem of bugs in raisins. Is this so ? Does this also apply to "american "raisins? Does the OU kashrut "cover" this problem ?
Thank you for checking with the OU on your Kashruth question. Insect infestation in raisins grown and packed in the USA has not been a concern. Probably due to the persistent use of insecticides on our vineyards. Since the chances of finding insect in American grown raisins is quite minimal, the OU’s certification does not imply that the raisins have been checked to be free from insects. The Halacha is in such cases is that rinsing is sufficient and checking them individually is not necessary. Raisins grown overseas would have to be checked. However there is another issue that must be addressed about raisins. Raisins, especially when packaged for industrial use, are sprayed with oils to prevent them from sticking together. The OU only permits such raisons as an ingredient that is Kosher certified by a reliable agency in any of the products that they certify. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again should you have any further questions. With best wishes for a healthy summer, we remain. Sincerely, [email protected]
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