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Prayers before prayers


Rabbi David Sperling

Nisan 5, 5778
Hi. I recently came across a Sefer Chassidim תשנב that says it is inappropriate to pray for personal needs before davening. I currently get up before davening and say korbanos, ketores and Perek Shira. Then I say a small tefilla for parnassah. All this before Shacharit. Many times before sunrise but not exclusively. I didn’t find if this Sefer Chassidim has been incorporated in mainstream halacha or not. Can you help? Thanks!
Shalom, Thank you for your question. The Sefer Hasidim you quote says “One should not request their personal needs first. One needs to request all heavenly {spiritual}first, for behold it was instituted to say {in the amidah}atah honain, and afterwards hashivainu avinu, and afterwards slach lanuand afterwards one's needs”. I am unaware of this being quoted in mainstream halacha. Further more, it is not clear at all what the limits and meaning of this teaching is. We do, for example, say in the morning brachot, personal prayers before we have said “all the heavenly needs” mentioned in the amidah. For example, the Yehi Ratzon said directly after the last of the morning blessings, HaMavavir Shaina, contains personal requests. (See Rav Kook's commentary on this prayer). So, from a halachic perspective, your morning prayers, as you outlined them sound fine (I assume you are saying the Blessings for the Torah etc also). Blessings.
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