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Antidote for religious doubt


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Adar 4, 5778
The numerical value (gematria) of the Hebrew letters that spell Amalek (240) is equivalent to that of the letters that spell safek, “doubt" or "uncertainty". It seems to be a doubt which cools down our believe (The Hebrew word "karcha" is also related to the word "kar," meaning "cold."). My Question?: How does one fight off this doubt, the doubt that makes one question things like: "Is G-d with me?", "Why is this happening to me?", "What’s it good for?", "Is this really necessary?", "Is it really that bad?" etc.. questions which cause doubt and get people to stumble or stagger in faith, doing mitzvot and keeping Torah. How does one remove these doubts, what kind of antidote is there? What kind of practical or psychological ways, steps or tools are there at hand (given in Jewish literature and commentaries) to overcome these doubts, and strengthen one’s faith/belief and hence beat the weakening caused by Amalek.
The best answer is to learn emuna, books and articles and listening to classes on faith, Jewish thought and philosophy, and Jewish history. Rav Zvi Yehuda Kook said that the best way to allay any doubts is to look at the wonders of Jewish history up until this very day in the modern State of Israel, and the more one observes it, the more wonders and Godly intervention you see. Today when there are no prophets, we have something even better: prophesies from 3,000 years ago that have come true regarding the eternity of Israel despite all odds and persecution, the miraculous ingathering of the exiles and revival of the Land of Israel, which was a desert for 2,000 years.
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