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Rabbi Ari Shvat

Shevat 27, 5778
Rabbi Shalom Arush says, when you give money to Kiruv, to support Emuna, outreach, spreading Torah, CDs, Emuna, having other Jewish people do Teshuva becoming Baal Teshuva, you have a direct line to Hashem and all your hearts desires will be fulfilled with Hashem's help, can you explain to me why this is so important the power of doing Kiruv? Why is it so praiseworthy to do this? This is so beautiful to me I would like to know more if I can learn more about Kiruv and about this holy holy holy mitzvah.
Kiruv is exceptionally important because you aren’t just doing one mitzvah, but causing an unbelievable amount of future mitzvot. When that other Jew becomes closer to Hashem and Torah, inevitably he will, little by little, do more and more mitzvot. Multiply that times the number of people who are brought closer, we see that the quantity of mitzvot will continue growing by leaps and bounds, day after day. Even the future mitzvot of their children and grandchildren are thanks to you who enabled their father’s and/or grandfather’s kiruv. On the other hand, if chas v’shalom nobody will bring that person closer to Torah, not only will he assimilate, but so will his descendants. In short, we have a great national responsibility towards each and every Jew to bring them closer as soon as possible! That being said, I must add that it’s not that Hashem automatically and immediately fulfills “all your hearts desires”, but we must also have patience and continue praying for that which we need, and ask that Hashem judge us favorably adding the merits of this great mitzvah of aiding kiruv to our other mitzvot.
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