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Flu and Netilat Yadayim


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Kislev 29, 5778
Hi. When I have the flu or allergy I find it very difficult to keep my hands clean while praying with all the sneezing and the runny nose and of course it takes effort to just get out of bed and pray not to mention interrupting my prayer every short while to wash my hands so is it acceptable in these situations that I just wipe my hands while praying? And if that is not ok. Can I interrupt Amidah to wash my hands and continue where I left or I would have to repeat it from the beginning?? Thank you and G-D bless you.
ב"ה Shalom and Happy Chanuka. I can fully identify with your question, since I myself suffer terribly from hay fever. I didn’t fully understand if your intention was to go to a sink and wash your hands during Amida. In any case, leaving your place to wash your hands would be a great disruption of the Amida and therefore improper. What you should you do is have all your allergy "gear" of tissues, hand wipes and hand sanitizer at hands length and when you get through spell of sneezes and use of tissues and discarding them, you will continue your Amidah where you left off. (שו"ע או"ח, סי' צ"ב:ט, סי' צז:ב ופסקי תשובות שם) Be well and all the best
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