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Speaking to Hashem


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tishrei 30, 5778
Is speaking to Hashem for 1 hour a day a good idea as rabbi nachman of Breslav said, to thank him and praise him and tell him what’s on your heart?
Definitely! We should speak to Hashem as much as possible, when looking for a parking spot, to looking for your car-keys, and how much more so to help us find our soul-mate, and really everything. Not just to ask for His help, but by all means to thank Him, and praise His world, and tell Him what’s on your heart and mind, as well. He should be an integral part of our life. I would start out with 15 minutes a day, and gradually it will become more and more natural and habitual. Also, if it seems a little difficult at first, you might want to try putting your thoughts into writing. Today, you can talk to God out loud in your car and by-passers won’t even look twice, for they think you’re talking on you speaker phone!
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