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Eruv tavshilin


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Elul 28, 5777
Hi! (amongst others) recommends involving another person when creating an eruv tavshilin. What is the basis for this minhag? Is it equally halachially acceptable to create an eruv tavshilin without the involvement of a second person? Thank you - and shana tova! Best regards, Naomi
ב"ה Shalom If you are making Eruv tavshilin just for yourself, you can simply take a Challa or roll and a cooked item such as an egg, say the proper Bracha and make the statement, that through the Eruv, you can now cook and bake etc. This is the practice of most people. If a person makes an Eruv Tavshilin for someone else, then it is done in a fashion where the other person takes the foods for the Eruv Tavshilin and lifts the foods. Doing this, is an act of acquisition of the foods so that the others for whom the Eruv Tavshilin is being made for have a part in the foods. This is mentioned in the Shulchan Aruch 527: 10 (שולחן ערוך תקכ"ז סעיף י ) where the laws of Eruv Tavshilin are discussed. The custom of Chabad is at the start to always have others in mind who can take part in the Eruv Tavshilin you are making, therefore they have the part involving another person. So those who follow the Chabad custom act accordingly. However, a person can do a regular Eruv Tavshilin and fulfill his or her requirement. All the best Shana Tova, Ketiva Vechatima Tova.
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